Tuesday, 24 May 2011

                                                                  Traditional medicine...

People always think that traditional medicine is hard to find but in reality the all are wrong.
      This is because we can find the traditional medicine in our daily life for example:
People only think that garlic can be use for cooking and chasing dracula away but it has other use also:
 . It can lower cholestrol , blood sugar and blood pressure.
 . It also prevent influenza and most importantly it also capable of prevent
   heart disease.
 . It also use as skin medication for eczema,scabies and rashes.
  Aloe vera is only used as plant at most house and school because it look beautiful but it also can be used as
  medicine because it can :
       . It can be used for burnt and itchiness.
       . It also can be use for internal disorder.
       . It help to reduce inflammation.
       . It also used as aids digestion.

   Dandelion also have several uses:
      . It used for stimulate the liver to detoxify poisons.
      . It also restore the gastric balance and strengthen the weak arteries.
      . It also used for solving urinary disorder problem and cleanses skin blemishes such as acne,corns and
     Ginseng have many few of them are:
       . It act as anti stress and the same time it also help to boost immune system.
       . It also help for relieves menopause symptoms and help enhance memory.
       . It also capable of lowers high blood pressure.

    Mint that are easy to be find anywhere also have it used in traditional medicine it uses are :
       . Aids digestion.
       . Relieves menstrual cramps and nausea.
       . Stimulate circulation.
       . Alleviates symptoms of colds,flu,fever,nervous disorder,colic and rheumatism.
       . Act as a local anaesthetic.
       . Anti - inflammation.
       . Anti - ulcer.
     Ginger are used for cooking and traditional medicine some of it uses are:
        . Indigestion.
        . Bowel disorder.
        . Migraine.
        . Morning sickness.
        . Nausea.
        . Eases cramp.                  
        . Rheumatoid arthritis.
                                         That all for today thank you for reading...... see you guys next time bye for now...                                   

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